Curtis has been heavily involved in the Architecture sector for several years. With relationships across the UK, Curtis can recruit in both the permanent and contract markets, giving him the ability to act quickly when needed but also with detail for the more unique situations. There is nobody better placed with Curt’s understanding of the architectural market making him our Architectural guru. His determination and hardworking attitude are what gives Curtis the edge, not to mention his caring and friendly nature.


Curtis is an extremely loyal Wasps rugby fan but like all 3 Director’s an overall sports enthusiast. He can be found at the gym outside of work hours and is also a big coffee lover. Curt enjoys travelling and listening to a good rugby podcast.

Favourite Food

Chocolate – can’t get enough of it! Any kind!

Favourite Film

Ace-ventura, both 1 & 2 – Jim Carey in his prime

Why Recruitment?

I love the excitement and competitiveness that comes with recruitment – It is a game where you are constantly kept on your feet and anything can happen! Being a sports fan myself, this has also installed a certain level of competitiveness which really helps in sales! If you want to be the best, you must work the hardest!

Why Konker?

I feel like we have a great understanding of what both our clients and candidates want – we know this because we are good listeners!




“I would highly recommend Curtis when needing a job as he is very helpful and goes beyond expected. He helped me with finding a company that was not initially on my radar when job hunting. His help and advice on matters such as interviews led me to a position in Architecture.” – Bea, Architectural Technologist