How to measure the success of your Personal Brand

How to measure the success of your Personal Brand

05 June 2024

Don’t get left behind. That’s quite a big opening line, but if you’re not focusing on building your personal brand this year, you’ll find yourself chasing everyone else.

Your personal brand showcases exactly who you are, what you stand for, and what you’re passionate about. A unique tool that will make you stand out from the crowd.

So, now you know what it is, what’s the impact of working on it?

According to LinkedIn, 70% of hiring managers say a strong personal brand is more important than a strong CV. And 84% of consumers believe that a company’s reputation is influenced by the personal brand of its employees, according to a report by Forbes.

A win-win to advance your career and impact your company’s success.

Below I’ve highlighted the key reasons why you should be measuring the success of your personal brand, as well as the metrics you need to be analysing.

Why you should be measuring your personal brand

  1. Career progression.

     71% of professionals believe that a strong personal brand leads to increased career opportunities. So, put your best foot forward and show up for yourself – even if you aren’t currently looking for new opportunities, you never know what could come up!  

    2. Reputation alignment.

    This will give you the ability to keep improving your public perception to maintain a positive image. The only way to improve is to assess!

    3. Goal Alignment.

    Over time your personal and professional goals are going to change. Knowing what your goals are will determine what to promote when it comes to building your personal brand.

    Key metrics to analyse

    1. Online presence

    In this digital age, your online presence is often the first impression people have of you. And arguably the most influential place to build your personal brand. Keep track of your social media followers and engagements, monitor your website traffic, and the performance of your content. This will provide an insight into your reach, visibility, and how much value your audience is receiving from your content. Basically, the higher the number, the more you are becoming an expert in your industry!

    2. Professional recognition

    Recognition not only makes you feel good, but it also is a big factor in measuring how well you are doing. The more recognition shows how much of a good job you are doing. So be sure to keep tabs on any media mentions you’ve received, if you’ve been invited to speak at any Events, or if you’ve been lucky enough to receive any awards. And don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back while you’re there!

    3. Networking growth

    Your ROR (Return on Relationships) is just as important as your ROI (Return on Investment) when it comes to building your personal brand. Of course, the pinnacle of a strong personal brand is to convert leads into sales but don’t overlook the relationships you build in the process. Measure the growth in relationships you form with people in your industry. Are people coming to you for advice? Can you offer someone Mentor support? That’s when you know your personal brand is successful!

    In today’s competitive market, building your personal brand is the best way to discover new opportunities. Whether that’s career opportunities, generating new business leads, or connecting with new people – all positive impacts of showcasing your strengths and values. And the best way to keep improving it is to measure it. If anything, I hope this article gives you the push to just get started!