5 Actionable ways to ace your next interview

5 Actionable ways to ace your next interview

22 May 2024

Interviews. One of the most important times to showcase your best self, be on the best form, and carry out the best preparation. It’s a time when first impressions count. A time when everyone going into the meeting wants it to go positively, wouldn’t you agree?

So, that’s why I’ve have put together 5 actionable ways you can ace your next interview…

1 – Be on time.

To put it simply – if you’re not early, you’re late! Arriving early for your interview can make all the difference. Not only does it present you as punctual and organised, but it also demonstrates your respect for the interviewer’s time. Not forgetting it gives you a moment to collect your thoughts and calm your nerves before the big meeting – and that could make all the difference!

2- Do your research.

Probably the most valuable investment of your time and effort before any interview. This shows your genuine interest in the role you are interviewing for. The time you’ve taken to align your values with the culture of the business will help you tailor your responses effectively to identify challenges, opportunities, and find common connections. 71% of candidates do their own research before an interview. Don’t let your competition have one up on you, by doing their homework when you haven’t!

3- Plan and prepare.

The more you plan ahead, the smoother and more effective your interview process will be. This comes down to what you’re going to wear, how you will get to your interview, and the questions you will ask. Don’t allow for any surprises or hiccups on the day. The more you are in control of, the easier you’ll find the interview process!

4- Body language.

This shows a lot about a person, especially in an interview. Your body language provides the interviewer with evidence of your intent and commitment behind the words you say. For example, if you’re standing up straight, maintaining eye contact, and using hand gestures – you’ll appear confident, enthusiastic, and engaged. If your posture is closed, you’re looking at the floor, and have your arms folded – you’ll seem disinterested and bored. Make sure you’re embodying the first traits rather than the latter.

5- Reflective practice

Don’t miss this step – ever!

Firstly, follow up. Send a follow-up email to your interviewer, thank them for their time, and remind them of your interest in the role. Include where you see yourself in the company, the impact you can make, and your highlights from the interview. This will emphasise your interest in the role and keep you front of mind when it comes to second stage interviews or offers!

Secondly, reflect on how you think the interview went. Highlight questions that you could have provided a better answer, as well as those questions you believe you answered to the best of your ability! This will help in your next interview, if there is one!

If you are currently in the process of preparing for an interview, get in touch! Our team speaks to Hiring Managers every single day, knowing exactly what they are searching for and expecting from candidates when it comes to a strong interview! But my best piece of advice is to prepare, prepare, prepare and you can’t go wrong!