How to measure the success of your Employer Brand 

How to measure the success of your Employer Brand 

09 May 2024

Employer Branding. Arguably the biggest impact on your business, so it cannot be underestimated. Managing your employer brand isn’t just a one-stop shop; it must always be managed. And what’s the best way to manage it? To measure it.  

But first, you’ve got to understand it.  

Your Employer Brand is your reputation among your current and future employees. It’s the perception of what it’s like to work at your company and how your values are translated into your employee’s experience.  

So, what’s the impact of measuring it?  

Understanding your brand perception gives you the ability to improve your recruitment efforts and have a competitive advantage when it comes to attracting talent.  

I’ve highlighted two of the most important ways you should be measuring your Employer Brand and the impact of those results below…  

Awareness metrics  

These are the metrics that gauge the reach and visibility of your employer brand. Basically, how many people are viewing your content, engaging with it online, and mentioning your brand because of it.  

For example, you want to measure the engagement you receive on social media, your website traffic, how much your brand is mentioned online, as well as the impressions your campaign content has received (how many times your content has been displayed). All these metrics will show you how much visibility and reach your brand is getting.  

Millenials and Gen Z’s are the next generation that one day will be running your business. So, interacting with them in the place where they spend most of their time (online), will not only reach the right audience for you to grow your team but also allow you to understand the perception your brand has on future leaders of your business.  

According to Talent Works, 59% of candidates use social media to research companies they are interested in. Understanding and analysing the response you receive from your awareness outreach will increase your presence online and engage the right candidates that align with your values. Which in turn will improve your Employer Brand.  

Candidate perception  

Your candidate experience has a significant impact on your Employer Brand. Why? Because people talk. According to Starred, a staggering 85% of candidates say that a positive or negative experience can change their opinion of a company.  And 74% of job seekers would let others know if they had a negative experience with a company during the recruitment process, according to UKRecruiter.  

So, how do you measure whether your Employer Brand has been impacted by your candidate experience? Feedback. 

That’s both prioritising the feedback you have for your candidates but also listening to the feedback they have for you. Interviews work as a two-way street. The best way to improve your Employer Brand and attract the best talent to your business is to be open to comments from those that have recently been through your interview and onboarding process. This will be the most authentic measurement of your Employer Brand because these candidates have experienced an insight into being a part of your team firsthand.  

Overall, the ongoing measurement of your Employer Brand is essential to those businesses that want to attract and retain the best talent. There are always improvements you can make to be competitive in your industry as well as promoting your values and culture. Start analysing your measurements, take action on improving your results and see your Employer Brand soar!