Content Marketing – Why it’s important for employers!

Content Marketing – Why it’s important for employers!

13 December 2023

Imagine a window display of a shop that never changes. Would you want to go in to have a look around? Would you think to yourself… “I’ve already seen everything they’ve got to offer”? That’s what candidates will think if you don’t keep your content marketing up to date as a recruiter.

This article is all about why content marketing is important as an employer. Why candidates want it, different formats, and how to share it. But firstly, what actually is content marketing?

Content marketing is about attracting and engaging with a defined audience (your candidates), delivering something of value (content), and building their trust so they take action when they are ready to buy (or apply).

Why does it matter?

We know that candidates have priorities when searching for a new role. Whether that’s looking for a better work-life balance, clearer career progression pathways, or better salary and benefits. In a nutshell, they have needs to be satisfied just like any customers shopping for a product or service.

75% of jobseekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job, according to LinkedIn. The careers-based content you put out online will guide your candidates to form an opinion and take action. They may visit the careers page on your website or see your posts on LinkedIn. The content they see at each touchpoint is likely to reassure them that your business, people, and culture are going to be the right fit.

Recruitment content ideas

Content comes in many forms, but when planning it’s important to have your candidates in mind and how they discover your employer brand.

As with any customer journey, it’s a good idea to start with small interactions to engage candidates with your content. Bite-size snippets of content are likely to get noticed and read – like a LinkedIn post. Only later, when there is some level of interest, will they want to go into detail.

The topics you could cover really do depend on your organisation. Just try to be helpful or add value to your candidate.

A few ideas you could try…

  • Post or videos about team events.
  • Industry trends.
  • Posts about the work that you do and the impact it has.
  • Sharing a tour of your office.
  • ‘A day in the life’.

All of the above have multiple opportunities to be posted and re-shared. Don’t forget that only a small percentage of your target audience will see a post each time – so don’t waste your content by only posting once. Repetition creates familiarity, just as long as you don’t run the same post every day!

At Konker we’re here to assist you in pushing your employer brand to improve your business overall, as well as attracting top talent to your current vacancies. If you feel like you’d like some further support or even a chat about building your employer brand, get in touch with us today – we’d love to help!