Empowering teams through transparency and flexibility: A guide to boosting workplace morale

Empowering teams through transparency and flexibility: A guide to boosting workplace morale

24 November 2023

Need a morale injection for your workforce but unsure how to do it? We’ve got you covered. Every now and then all teams need a boost and often it can come down to simply improving parts of your company culture. Below you’ll read a few ways to improve your workplace morale by ironing out key impacts on the culture of your company. Sometimes the smallest changes can make the most significant improvements…

Embrace transparency

Trust. The foundation of a great organisational culture. If you want an open and transparent company culture, your first step should be establishing an open door policy where your people can express themselves freely, creating a safe and trusting culture.

Be sure to openly share and recognise successes of individuals, your teams and your business with everyone. This can be a huge motivation boost for your team to hear positive results of their hard work.

To keep things transparent, you have to share the challenges too. You hired the best and smartest people in the room for a reason. By being open about the challenges you and your company are facing, you’re presenting opportunities for the team to come up with solutions together.

According to Moneyzine, 87% of employees want their future employer to be more transparent.

We’re not saying you need to share every single detail of every logistical challenge, but if you want a workplace culture that is built on trust and honesty, we suggest you start with this.

Practice flexibility

75% of managers in the UK believe that workplace flexibility enhances productivity and a further 62% argued that it’s integral in uplifting morale and motivation, according to Forbes. The stats speak for themselves.

Workplace flexibility highlights how much you value your employees well-being. Whether that’s being able to step out of the office for a few hours for the school pick up or work from home opportunities.

If you want the best suited people working for you, and working for you happily, grasping the needs of workplace flexibility is critical. Employee engagement is key to your business’s success. Providing a positive and balanced workplace will result in your employees being engaged, this doesn’t only improve your employer brand but according to Gallup, will result in 10% higher customer ratings and 18% higher revenue.

Recongonise and reward contributions

Employees who don’t feel recognized are x2 more likely to quit their job in a year. In fact, a recent bonus survey by Bonusly found that nearly half of respondents have left a job because they felt underappreciated.

Make sure you are identifying specific behaviours and results aligned with your company’s goals and values, then recognise and reward those behaviours as frequently as you can. And most importantly, get everyone in on it! Employee recognition doesn’t have to come exclusively from the top. It’s often more impactful when recognition comes from all around – from leaders, from peers, from everyone! At Konker we’re here to assist you in pushing your employer brand to improve your business overall, not just by attracting top talent to your current vacancies. If you feel like you’d like some further support or even a chat around building your employer brand, get in touch with us today – we’d love to help!