Feedback; Your secret weapon for a positive candidate experience!

Feedback; Your secret weapon for a positive candidate experience!

13 October 2023

We understand more than anyone how daunting job interviews can be. Speaking to active candidates every single day, we hear about the countless hours spent preparing to put their best selves forward to land their next career move. And for some, they come away from the process feeling dissatisfied, but not because they haven’t secured the role… because they haven’t received feedback.

The power of feedback cannot be underestimated. The below points will highlight the impact of brushing up on your post-interview process, which will streamline your recruitment journey and therefore positively impact your employer brand.

Don’t be a time waster

Of course, some candidates are going to be disappointed and not everyone will be hired. But this is the point where your recruitment journey can excel or flop. According to PeopleScout, 48% of candidates didn’t receive feedback on their last application. Of those who did, 38% stated that the comments they received weren’t helpful.

Be the business that is known for providing constructive feedback. The average person spends 5 – 10 hours preparing for an interview, according to Indeed. No interview should be a waste of time for either party.

Positively impact your employer brand

A poor candidate’s experience is likely to create a negative impression. Candidates talk – Especially unhappy ones. According to UKRecruiter, 74% of job seekers would let others know if they had a negative experience with a company during the recruitment process. We’ll let the stats do the talking, but surely that shows how impactful feedback really can be.

Whilst it may seem like an added task, you’re not only helping the candidate understand where their strengths and weaknesses lie – You’re also benefiting your employer brand. According to Brandon Hall Group, 52% of organisations that prioritises the candidate’s experience saw increases in revenue of 10% or more.

Gain a competitive advantage

As we’ve mentioned, we speak to candidates every single day – meaning we have a true insight into the market and how real-time, active candidates are feeling. In a recent poll carried out by one of our Recruitment Consultants at Konker, Jade asked what struggles candidates face during the interview process. Unsurprisingly, 75% of respondents admitted the lack of feedback is their biggest struggle.

This is your chance to gain an advantage over your competitors. Make interview feedback your niche and exchange the feedback you have for candidates; with the feedback they have for you. Never be complacent. Giving candidates the opportunity to voice their thoughts on your interview process will not only improve your procedures but also show how much you value their time. According to Starred, 46% of candidates believe their time was disrespected during interviews – Don’t put your business in that bracket. Want further help streamlining your interview process? Get in touch with us to ask questions about improving your candidate experience and making that all-important feedback, as streamlined as possible!