Bridging Art & Culture in Manchester’s bold new hub

Bridging Art & Culture in Manchester’s bold new hub

13 October 2023

Factory International, the organisation responsible for the Manchester International Festival (MIF), broke ground in 2020 after receiving approval for its plans for a flagship cultural venue in Manchester. Designed by renowned firm OMA, the project takes shape three years later and we eagerly anticipate its imminent public debut in the coming months.

The aim is to establish a global hub for arts, music, and culture. With a commitment to commissioning, producing, and presenting a diverse range of original creative works, music, and special events. Guided by MIF’s core values and aspirations, Factory International fosters an environment where artists are encouraged to push the boundaries of artistic expression, embrace collaborations, and bridge the gap between art and popular culture.

Ellen Van Loon, is leading the design of the new venue from OMA. Spearheaded by the Manchester City Council and supported by HM Government and Arts Council England, the venue’s construction focuses on adaptability and versatility, with large, open spaces that can be continuously reconfigured. The design approach empowers artists to release groundbreaking, large-scale endeavors that push the boundaries of creativity.