Using a Recruiter vs DIY

Using a Recruiter vs DIY

09 October 2023

The whole recruitment process can be very stressful, time-consuming and if not done right, pretty expensive! Most employers (and internal HR Teams) say people are the most important part of their business, yet recruitment can be the most frustrating component of their job.

It could be time to consider outsourcing this process to an organisation that specialises in the sector you are recruiting for. Take the pressure off yourself, spend more time doing what you do best and find the most talented person for the job – what’s not to love?

Specialist recruiters

Working with a specialist recruitment company takes away all the worries you have when wondering if you have the knowledge, time, and resources in your team to recruit for a hard-to-fill position. Naturally, you will have limited access to a pool of people within your sector, and lots of competition to attract the right person.

According to Clervy, 52% of hiring managers stated their recruitment priority is to improve the quality of talent they hire. Remember, as specialist Recruiters we speak to candidates in your industry every single day, and if we find someone who could be a perfect fit for your company, we keep in touch until they are ready to move on to their next challenge. This is what gives Recruiters that extra edge. We have the time to build these relationships whilst you can focus on running your business! 

Time management

According to StandOutCV, 70% of job seekers passively look for a new role. What does this mean? The people you’re hiring for aren’t actively applying to job adverts or approaching companies with direct applications. The best opportunities in the market are finding them!

Recruiters are the perfect funnel between you and passive candidates. We’re in the market, building relationships, and understanding the motivations for people in your industry to change roles. We’ll be introducing your business and everything that makes you great to the people you actually want and need.

On average it takes 42 days to fill a vacancy, according to HireVue. 42 days is a long time… projects will slip, clients will grow impatient, and your existing team will feel the strain. We take the pressure off. Recruiters often have a ready-to-go database of candidates to approach, and all the tools to quickly find the people you’re looking for. We’ll screen and assess candidates to ensure that only the most relevant CVs are sent to the hiring manager, making the process as streamlined as possible.

Salary Insights

This is where recruiters can help you twofold. Firstly, consultants speak to hundreds of candidates each week and get an understanding of what the average market rate is for particular roles. How does that benefit you? We can give candid advice on how your compensation package compares to your competitors and highlight any room for improvement.

According to StandOutCV, 49% of hiring managers feel that applicants have unrealistic salary expectations. Recruiters can combat this issue by outlining a candidate’s salary expectation from the outset. And because of our market knowledge, we are able to advise candidates on a realistic salary in line with their experience. Hiring directly can have bumps in the road later in the process. If salaries aren’t outlined from the outset, more candidates are likely to reject an offer down the line, and that’s the last thing you want!

In conclusion, if you are considering recruiting for your newest team member, there is no reason for you to think twice about using a recruitment company to help. At Konker, we have specialist teams of consultants speaking to candidates in the Built Environment and Sales & Marketing sectors every single day. Want to hire the best candidate for the position? Get in touch with us today and our team will be more than happy to help!