4 ways to streamline your recruitment journey to positively impact your employer brand

4 ways to streamline your recruitment journey to positively impact your employer brand

31 August 2023

Starting off with an eye-opening statistic – 78% of job seekers say the overall candidate experience they receive is an indicator of how a company values its people, according to LinkedIn. Meaning your recruitment journey needs to be as streamlined as possible to secure the best talent. 

A poor candidate’s experience doesn’t only frustrate candidates and recruiters – it also costs reputational damage and revenue. According to Brandon Hall Group, 52% of organisations that prioritises the candidates experience saw increases in revenue of 10% or more.

Creating a streamlined recruitment journey will improve the candidate’s experience, build your reputation in the industry, and reduce the risk of dropouts. Want to find out how you can streamline your candidate recruitment journey? Carry on reading.

1- Understand what you want

Hiring is an important investment. Without setting out a clear and specific job description and understanding the requirements of the role you are recruiting for; you can do more harm than good.

Setting clear and specific job descriptions, as well as including a short paragraph about your company culture will attract the right set of candidates who want to work for you. According to LinkedIn, if the tone of your job post doesn’t match your culture, applicants are 2-4x less likely to apply. It’s the recruiter’s job to pool the right candidates but you want to make sure you are attracting the right type of person in the first place!

2- Smooth out wrinkles in your interview process

Planning an elaborate series of interview rounds doesn’t guarantee the best hiring. Instead, it loads you with additional tasks and exhausts the candidate. To get more done in less time, plan the candidate selection process wisely. A well-thought-out selection process can help you fill the position quickly and reduce candidate drop-offs.

3- Provide constructive feedback

Of course, some candidates are going to be disappointed and not everyone will be hired. But this is the point where your recruitment journey can excel or flop. According to People Scout Research, 48% of candidates didn’t receive feedback on their last application. Of those who did, 38% stated that the comments they received weren’t helpful. Without a doubt, candidate feedback enhances the experience and even increases candidates’ likelihood of applying for future roles.

96% of candidates want to apply for a company with a reputation for keeping candidates informed, according to Fortune. So, as well as communicating with those who haven’t been successful, you also need to stay in touch with the selected candidates to keep them informed about the next steps and timeline.

4- Elevating your offer

The process of making a job offer to a candidate may appear simple at first glance, however getting this right can set you aside from competing employers that make an offer but don’t present it in the best way possible. Creating a specific offer letter with in-depth information on the role, actual benefits (standard holiday, pension, and sick pay don’t count), and a clear pathway to future promotions and exciting career prospects. You need to give candidates your all to be the employer of choice!

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