Glen Wyvis uses renewable energy to keep costs down

Glen Wyvis uses renewable energy to keep costs down

23 August 2023

Glen Wyvis Distillery in Ross-Shire opened in 2017 and focuses on sustainable production, using a wind turbine and biomass boiler to power the stills, battling rising costs and allowing profits to go towards good causes.

Last year, the distillery used less electricity than others, deliberately keeping production output low to just 8,000 bottles. Despite this – and the rising running costs of all businesses – the distillery is dedicated to its GoodWill Fund, putting 5% of sales profits aside for local causes in Ross-Shire and now has more than 3,600 shareholders.

The GoodWill Fund is now at a point where they are able to give back to the community, applications for funding were open at the beginning of the year and Glen Wyvis have taken the route of funding educational projects as well as entrepreneurial projects within their community.

The distillery also prides itself on its green ethos which has helped counteract rising costs. Manager Matthew Farmer said “The Energy generated on-site costs exactly the same as it did last year. Although our costs have increased across the board, renewable energy has acted as a buffer between us and the wider market, allowing us to prepare for price increases Vs seeing our bills triple overnight.”