Scotland to England’s £2.1bn Electricity Connection Nears the Green Light!

Scotland to England’s £2.1bn Electricity Connection Nears the Green Light!

16 August 2023

Recommendations from North Yorkshire Council assistant director of planning on community development services, Trevor Watson is supporting the approval of planning application from power generator Drax for a converter station and its associated infrastructure for the planned, £2.1bn electricity “superhighway”.

The initial planning permission for a converter station to the east of Drax’s existing power station is currently in talks for approval. The planned converter station will look to support the proposed creation of the £2.1bn Eastern Green Link 2 to build an electricity “superhighway” between Peterhead in North East Scotland and the Drax power station, near the village of Drax.

The project is a joint venture between SSEN transmission and National Grid, which will include the installation of 440km of subsea cabling and is expected to become operational in 2029 with construction work planned to commence next year.

The Eastern Green Link 2 has been conducted to help transport wind energy from Scotland to power 2 million homes in the UK. National Grid believes it “will unlock the rich renewable energy capacity of Scotland and significantly increase the UK’s capacity to deliver clean energy.”

The project construction will cover an area of just over 86 acres with 4.2 acres of land permanently occupied by the infrastructure. This project is part of National Grid’s plans to upgrade the UK’s electricity transmission system and work towards the government’s target of 40GW of offshore wind generation by 2030.