Why your company culture and employer brand go hand-in-hand

Why your company culture and employer brand go hand-in-hand

18 July 2023

When you ask someone what they like about where they work, one of the most common answers they come back with is, “the culture”. At the same time, this could also be the reason why someone may choose to leave, with statistics showing 73% of professionals have left their job due to experiencing a poor cultural fit.

Every business has a company culture, whether you like it or not, therefore as an employer, it is your responsibility to make sure your culture reflects a positive experience as it influences and impacts your employer brand massively.

In this article, we will outline how best to find out what your culture is like from the people who matter most, (your employees) and why it is important to shout about it!

What is company culture?

Firstly, we thought it would be a good idea to summarise what a company’s culture actually is. At Konker, we believe it to be something that’s experienced, and experience depends on interactions and influences within the workplace. This can be measured in a number of ways such as, the way your organisation is led, attitudes towards employee wellbeing, promises made compared to promises kept, and the ability to take risks, make mistakes and speak up without criticism… to name a few.

Acquiring the best Talent

The culture at any given company has a significant impact on talent acquisition. To be matched to an employee that ticks every box for you, you need to be able to tick every box for them and the culture of your business will be highly ranked on their list of priorities. If potential candidates can’t find what they want to see, they won’t apply. According to a recent survey conducted by TeamStage, 88% of those looking for a new role believe that company culture is an important factor. Be sure to get across your company culture at the forefront of your website and social media platforms – the most engaging type of content is when your own people either feature or generate much of the content themselves, candidates will believe and trust their opinions more.

An open door policy to retaining employees

Following on from establishing your culture and embedding it into your public platforms, to acquire new employees, another reason why it is important to continuously reflect your company’s culture is to retain your current team. Insights state that companies that implement regular employee feedback see a 14.9% lower turnover rate, according to a recent Officevibe survey. Don’t allow asking your team about the culture to be an annual task, be sure to make feedback regular. This will improve employee retention by building strong and honest relationships between the team, allowing employees to feel as though their opinions are valued.

Constant maintenance and management

Once you have listened, gathered feedback, and built a creative game plan of marketing your culture, it’s important to turn these words into genuine action. Straplines and posters aren’t enough to really push this. Leadership, visibility, and support is essential to get your company’s culture across.

At Konker, we are here to assist you in pushing the culture of your company to find you the best-placed candidate for the role you are currently looking to fill. If you feel that you’d like some further support or even a chat around building your employer brand for talent acquisition, get in touch with us today – We’d love to chat!