Locations reached in 2023…

Locations reached in 2023…

14 December 2022

With 2023 fast approaching, we’re reflecting on the placements we’ve made this year and how far we’ve reached across the UK. 🗺️

As a business based in the South West, we reach much further. Across our team of recruiters, we reach nationwide across England and Wales, from Cornwall to Bangor. Recently we’ve began to push the boundaries a little further North than Carlisle! 📍

Out of the 52 counties spanning England and Wales, in 2022 we have reached 31! We’ve helped candidates find the perfect job in their hometown, but we’ve also helped others make the move across the country to start their new career. When people reach out to us with a location in mind where they want to stay or move to, we find them the easiest commute possible, and we don’t exceed our 45-minute journey recommendation. 🚅

Our own team come from across the UK, so they know what it means to find a job away from where you’ve always lived. At Konker, we recognise that there are opportunities everywhere, and we’ve made it our mission to help our candidates find them. 🤝