Exeter Property Cycling Meet Ups

Exeter Property Cycling Meet Ups

27 September 2022

Our very own Jevon set up Construction Cycling Meets in Exeter earlier this year, and their popularity has shot up – almost as fast as Jevon on his bike! 🚴‍♂️

Last week’s meet marked the last one of this summer (although they won’t be stopping there), and so we’ve created a round-up of each summer meet to give you an insight into what these cycling enthusiasts have been getting up to, and perhaps encourage some newbies to join in on the fun. 🚵

May – the first meet, serious stuff! Along the Exeter River cycle path to Exmouth Seafront with a cheeky pitstop at Bumble and Sea. ☕

June – Same route again, with a final sprint along Exmouth seafront surrounded by beautiful blue skies. 🌞

July – On our third meet, the summer bikes were out in full force and some new faces joined the pack. 👀

August – A new route saw the team travel to Dawlish Warren and back with a few treats at Ryders. 🍩

September – Forget the last of the summer wine, the last of the summer sun saw a longer route with breakfast at the Coombe in Honiton to finish off. 🍳

A massive well done the cycling gang for making it through the summer with only two punctures! We can’t wait to see you all on the bikes again and hopefully a few newbies next time. 👏