Launch of our new health & wellbeing benefit – Heka!

Launch of our new health & wellbeing benefit – Heka!

02 February 2022

As part of our continued effort to improve our employee offering, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new health & wellbeing benefit, @Heka!

Heka is a personalised wellbeing platform tailored to your health and wellbeing, which aims to make employees healthier and happier ????.

Each member of the Konker team is provided a monthly allowance to spend on over a 1,000 experiences across 30 wellbeing categories. The benefits platform provides a vast list of activities and products, ranging from pottery classes and gym memberships, to health subscriptions, food boxes, and sports equipment! There’s something for everyone!

Our plan for 2022 and onwards is to continue creating a culture that promotes sustainability and longevity across all aspects of work and home life. We’re looking forward to making more new changes that put our people first!

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