Alicia’s First Month at Konker!

Alicia’s First Month at Konker!

24 September 2021

My director first told me that no two days are the same in recruitment, and I can safely say that this is true!

My first month at Konker has come around so quickly! During this time, I have been introduced to many aspects of the recruitment industry; the lingo, the processes and most importantly what it takes to become successful in this field of work.

The team here at Konker have been nothing short of welcoming, assuring and definitely knowledgeable. When I first began my career in recruitment, I was a little nervous (of course!), but the guys made me feel at home and part of the team in no time!

Taking the leap into the recruitment sector has not only enhanced my vast skillset but also has only accelerated my motivation to become a successful recruitment consultant.

I have learnt the processing application of building relationships with candidates within the Architectural industry and even gained my first placement (with the support and help of my director, Curtis) which just felt super rewarding. To help our candidates secure a position within an Architectural practice that is suited to their needs just makes you feel so eager and excited for future placements.

My confidence in speaking to candidates has definitely been improved and I am looking forward to learning the ropes of building professional relationships with our clients in the near future.

While at Konker, it has given me full insight into the recruitment industry and I can only thank the team, Curtis, Tom and Jev, who have made me feel like part of the team from day one! (even if they do always beat me at Crash Bandicoot – peep the celebration of me getting my first win!!!)

I will update my progress in due course, but for now, all I can say is, what an industry to get in to! I am so keen to see what the future holds for my career in recruitment.