Jev’s day out at the wave!

Jev’s day out at the wave!

19 November 2019

My day out at the wave!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to visit the highly anticipated wave machine by The Wave, based just outside of Bristol and I am happy to say that it did not disappoint!

For people that aren’t aware of The Wave, it can only be described as an artificially created wave designed for surfers to practice on without having to deal with the unpredictability of ocean waves. If you aren’t from the Bristol area then it also creates a fantastic opportunity for you to massively increase your wave count and practice your technique, whatever your level at whatever time of the year.

The fact that you can predict good, clean waves all year round, opposed to the standard last-minute magic seaweed forecast check the day before a potential surf is a massive plus for local surfers and The Wave. In an hour’s session you can expect to catch up to 12 waves and for the strong paddlers, maybe even two in each set! Not only is this facility great fun for all levels of surfers but extremely well kept, well managed and convenient!

After catching and finishing off every wave, you are required to paddle back to the take-off zone for your next week and a quick break. I wouldn’t consider myself the worst or the best paddler but towards the end of the session it does start to get difficult! Especially if you are going for double waves in a set!

Although we were extremely lucky with the weather (clear skies and no rain all day), the water temperatures we’re freezing! We were advised by one of the wavemakers that the temperature of the water on the day was 6.6 degrees centigrade which is slightly colder than the average sea temperature during mid-winter! Gloves, boots and a good winter suit are essential but if you don’t have any of the right equipment for the day, The Wave supply any wetsuit and board, completed free of charge. Their gear is decent, and the board are all designed by a local surfer – so you know it’s good!

All in all, I would certainly recommend The Wave to all levels of surfers; the advanced for practising their turns and beginners for practising their technique! For me, I enjoy surfing for many reasons but mainly due to sense of adventure you take away from getting in the sea with your mates and being able to tame whatever the ocean throws at you – The Wave does not offer you this but instead a completed different experience. What The Wave does offer is a consistent, convenient and fun wave for all levels of surfers to enjoy and practice on.

Get down to The Wave and experience the wonders of surfing!