Preparing For An Interview

Preparing For An Interview

15 April 2019

At Konker Recruitment we know how nervous and daunting interviews can be; luckily, we are also pretty good at preparing candidates and giving you the best possible chance in an interview! Below are some useful interview tips on how to behave before an interview as well as the basics:

Before the interview

The 15 minutes before a job interview can be the most nerve-racking. You may feel unsure of what to do and who to speak too – sound familiar? If so, take a deep breath and try to focus your mind on your next immediate actions. The 15 minutes before an interview is the time to get yourself in the right mindset so stay positive and remember an interview is a two-way exercise where you also make the decision on if the position is right for you.

–         Arrive early but not too early

–         Focus on positive actions

–         Be friendly to everyone including receptionists and security guards

–         Stop rehearsing, this is your time to relax and take in your surroundings

–         Breathe – counting your breaths is one of the best techniques to calm yourself down

–         Focus on your posture, look confident and be poised

–         Look in the mirror – make sure you look smart and your outfit is on point

What to take:

–         CV (Most up to date version)

–         Work Examples/Portfolio (Make sure you take along your own work)

–         Photo ID (Drivers License or passport) 

–         Pen & Notepad

–         Bottle of water

What to wear:

–         Polish your shoes

–         Tidy and clean your fingernails

–         Wash & iron your outfit

–         Use aftershave or perfume sparingly

–         Tidily arrange your hair

–         Ensure your portfolio folder/rucksack/handbag is smart looking

We are always happy to have a detailed conversation and offer personable advice if you have an interview coming up – feel free to contact us and we’ll try our best to help! / 020 3858 8036