Lessons Learned In The First 2 Months Of Business

Lessons Learned In The First 2 Months Of Business

27 November 2018

Lessons Learned In The First 2 Months Of Business

Exciting, busy, tiring and sometimes stressful. All words which I would use to describe our first two months trading as Konker Design Recruitment.

In the last two months, I have learned a huge amount regarding business start-ups, so I wanted to take the opportunity to share with others a few key ingredients to make your first few months’ worthwhile.

1.      Time Management – yes work hard, yes work smart but most of all work on the tasks which will make a difference and give you a significant return. Don’t spend too much time working on the smaller not so important tasks which have a low ROI.

2.      Stop thinking, start doing – Half your thinking/meeting time and start implementing your ideas. If something doesn’t work, correct it. If an idea does work, perfect it. You can never make correctional changes within the business if you never start implementing in the first place!

3.      Take risks – nobody ever gained anything by not taking risks – what’s the worst that can happen? If the worst does happen, start again.

4.      Worry about what you can control – if you start worrying about every little thing which you have no control over, all the little things will collectively overcome you. Start concentrating and putting your best efforts into the controllable and you will see differences both mentally and in the business’s success. If it was out of your control and going to happen regardless – there’s nothing you could have done!

5.      Do whatever you can for your first 40 clients – The first 40 relationships are the ones that really count, so be as flexible as you can, enabling you to show them what your company is about and how you can add value.

These are the views which I have picked up along the way in the last two months, I would love to hear your thoughts on the above and if you had any different experiences or opinions.

My absolute best advice for somebody thinking about starting a business would be to just get started! Stop wasting time and take action!