Stories of a Startup

Stories of a Startup

18 October 2018

Stories of a Startup

We have just come to the end of our first month operating as a Recruitment Agency, and what a first month it has been!

Over the last month, we have learned more about ourselves as recruitment consultants than we could have ever imagined. The days are long, challenging and full of obstacles, but we love it.

Despite the country being fixated on Brexit, it’s clear this isn’t affecting the construction industry. Within 4 weeks we have qualified over 30 new jobs! Architectural, Engineering and Building Services companies who are all looking for new staff to join them because of their increasing workload.

This morning Liverpool County Council Planning Committee approved over £200m worth of regeneration schemes which will create and support thousands of jobs and this is another indication of the positive direction for the industry and the City.

Being honest, we had absolutely no idea how our first month was going to go as a business, of course, we had set our targets and had our expectations, but until we started speaking with people we had no idea how we’d be received as a new business. Once we started, however, it didn’t take long to start making progress and building relationships, and eventually, getting our first recommendation from a happy candidate!

There have been some steep learning curves already – from a recruitment standpoint and the business world in general but overcoming each of these hurdle’s has been an exciting part of the process!